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150 years – Sedus is celebrating its birthday

With the motto: “Sedus. Attitude since 1871,” Sedus is launching its communication campaign for its 150th anniversary this year. The associated logo of the tree is a symbol for the essence and speciality of the company: consistent, close to nature, natural and human. Sedus Stoll Stuhlfabrik Jubiläum

With an attitude, a vision, a doer mentality and courage, Albert Stoll I, in 1871, laid the foundations for what Sedus is today. 150 years of company history – that’s 150 years rich in ideas, accompanied by groundbreaking innovations, full of great products and solutions.

It is a time marked by inventors and motivated teams who have conquered new horizons. From the production of the first office swivel chair in Europe to complete office furnishings in the twentieth century. The unique combination of tradition, values ​​and ergonomics as well as the close cooperation with employees, partners and customers show the attitudes that make Sedus so special – and this has been the case since 1871.

Attitude connects the past and the future

Federdreh Sedus Geburtstag JubiläumWith Albert Stoll I, who put into practice his idea of ​​a chair, the basis for a family business was created. He passed on his visions and his inventive talent – his son Albert Stoll II and his grandchildren continued and expanded what had already started promisingly. Reflecting on the past was always important because: the future needs a past. What would the world of office chairs be without the invention of the spring turn, almost 100 years ago?

As the company continued to grow, Christof and Emma Stoll had a significant impact on the company. With them, the company canteen (with home-grown, whole foods), the employee participation and the Stoll VITA Foundation were brought into being. The couple established a company management that is characterised by sagacity, humanity and the Sedus trademark. To this day, these values ​​live on and are reflected in the way the company has grown. Through the merger with Gesika (now Sedus Systems GmbH) in the following years, Sedus established itself as a full-range supplier and has since implemented modern, holistic work facilities around the world. Driven by a pioneering spirit, Sedus continues to set new standards. From chic, ergonomic furnishings for the home office to innovative solutions in which furniture is linked to digital systems.

Attitude needs foresight

When working environments are re-thought, they take on new shapes and forms. In striving to be able to accompany and support people in their everyday life as best as possible, the office gains a whole new meaning today. The workplace becomes a place of encounter, exchange, creativity and finding solutions. Here, attitude means realising an environment in which people can fully express their talents. Today, Sedus develops and produces solutions that are ideally suited to agile work. They meet the requirement of promoting ideas and motivation as well as enabling a feel-good atmosphere.

Sedus selab Geburtstag Jubiläum

Sedus shows itself to be responsible in its holistic approach. The attitude towards people and the environment is more relevant than ever, because a good feeling goes hand in hand with sustainable action. In this birthday year, Sedus wants to be grateful for what we have achieved together and look to the future with an attitude of hope and confidence and to help shape it.

Be there – Sedus. Attitude since 1871.

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