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Kantar’s GTI Hub, Porto – an interview with Eduardo Queiroz

Sedus has recently completed a project for Kantar’s offices in Portugal. The location in Porto, Kantar GTI Hub for the Global Technology and Innovation division, offers a fantastic working environment for its employees.

“We are the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. We help our clients understand people and inspire growth. We know what makes people tick, what their likes and dislikes are and how this affects a business.”

This is how Kantar describes its mission on its website. Clearly, this company knows what matters. It goes without saying that they also wanted to create the perfect workplace for their own employees.

In this interview, Eduardo Queiroz, Office Administration Manager at Kantar Porto, tells us how they managed to do this and what the highlights of the office in Porto are.

sedus se:living in Kantar Office Porto
The Sedus se:living sofa system

Please describe briefly in your own words what kind of company Kantar is.

EQ: Kantar is a visionary enterprise, recognised globally as a leader in marketing data and analytics. An employer that fosters a culture that celebrates individuality and empowers its employees to perform at their full potential, encouraging authenticity throughout the organisation.

What makes your job for Kantar so special?

EQ: Let’s say, I keep people in check! Just kidding. My job is very special since, I have the privilege of translating their aspirations into reality daily, demonstrating the boundless possibilities achievable with strategic resource allocation. With evolving workplace dynamics and heightened expectations, I facilitate an environment where employees feel a sense of belonging and purpose… with the right budget!

What requirements/challenges did you face when designing the office for Kantar?

EQ: Picture this: turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece that balances style and functionality, all while catering to the diverse needs of our dynamic workforce. When we consider a 4042 sqm net space, and a 357 person workforce, it’s easier said than done! However, my biggest challenge was time. On the path to accommodate all possible improvements time was running against us. A project of this complexity and magnitude would not be deployed in nine months as it happened if it wasn’t for the dedication from all parties involved.

Sedus crossline im Office in Kantar
The crossline swivel chair by Sedus

You have created many different work zones, which is your favourite?

EQ: Tough question! But if I had to pick, it would be the area by our iconic brand wall. It’s like a warm hug in the office, with its inviting ambiance and versatile seating arrangements. Plus, it’s home to my personal favourite: the Suita Chaise Longue sofa.

Sedus crossline in Kantar Porto
crossline chairs have been used throughout the offices in Porto

Which architects/designers supervised the office project for you?

EQ: The project was skillfully overseen by Anne Kuzyk and her esteemed team at TP Bennett & 3G Office, renowned for their exceptional talent and numerous accolades. Special shoutout to Jorge Afonseca, who lent his expertise locally in Portugal.

The building in which your Porto Kantar office is located is a special one, tell us briefly why.

EQ: Historically, the building has been so many different things! From a fish factory to a warehouse, car show room, and now an award-winning workspace fit for a powerhouse like Kantar. Its rich history adds to its charm! I believe these are the key factors making it so special. Besides, being one block away from the beach is quite a flex. Talk about office goals!

sedus se:lounge im Kantar Office in Porto
Sedus se:lounge comfortable armchairs

Many companies have the problem that employees don’t want to return to the office after the pandemic, you said it’s the opposite with Kantar, why do you think that is?

EQ: It’s simple, really. Our team feels a sense of ownership over the space because they helped shape it. It’s not just a workplace. Witnessing their choices materialise into a tailored environment has cultivated a profound sense of pride. It has become a priceless experience. And I am telling you, the beach is truly a flex!

Eduardo Queiroz von Kantar Porto
Eduardo Queiroz from Kantar Porto

If you want to find out more about Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, you’ll find useful information here.

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