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Redefining hybrid working environments: Sedus’ ‘Work and the City – The Temptation Office’ revolutionises the design of office and urban spaces

How can offices be designed to make them even more attractive to employees?

These days, a contemporary office or an attractive workplace should be flexible and tailored to many needs. It is important that employees can choose their workspace according to their requirements. The space should create a feel-good atmosphere and take individual wishes into account to ensure a pleasant working environment. These trends are having a significant impact on the use of offices and office buildings and are leading to changes in entire city districts.

Under the motto “Work and the City – The Temptation Office”, Sedus has launched various furnishing solutions to the market that pick up on the latest trends and provide an answer to the question of what the urban working world could look like.

Sedus se:living Sofa Insel
The new Sedus se:living sofa system

“The tasks of employees have undergone a decisive change in recent years,” explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “They are taking more and more responsibility for their own way of working and their own place of work. There is a clear desire for more freedom and flexibility – especially when it comes to organising their own working hours. In future, work will have to adapt even more to the rhythm of each individual’s life and no longer the other way around. Today, the office scores above all with a sense of community, personal and technical support and the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas directly with the team. What we should strive for: the office should become a magnet – a TEMPTATION office. ”

Approaches for the realisation of a “seductive” office: Three product innovations at a glance

The cityscape and the office landscape are changing and are inspired by the hybrid urban context. Based on the concept of “Third Place Theory,” by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, people are longing for informal and cosy places such as cafés, bars, parks, libraries or other public spaces that offer people an opportunity to relax, chat and socialise.

So almost all of us have at least partially left our traditional workplace and moved into the world outside the office (the ‘second place’) – be it cafés, parks or even our own home (the ‘first place’). And suddenly these places are blurring together. In fact, on average, we spend around a fifth of our working time outside the traditional office. This development is also highlighted in the new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS No. 18. The popular trend monitor reports how the city and the office are merging and offering people new working environments that meet functional and emotional needs.

New Arrivals se:living Sessel
Part of the new se:living collection


“The work-life balance continues to evolve into an even more flexible way of working that is seamlessly integrated into our lives,” explains Holzapfel. “The goal? A harmonious mix that takes equal account of efficiency and quality of life. The ‘hybrid office’ is a place where work and leisure flow together harmoniously. It adapts and draws inspiration from the city to offer more than just workspace. Inspired by this development, Sedus is introducing various furnishing solutions to the market in the first launch interval of 2024 to support and realise the transformation of the office.”

The Italian designer Robin Rizzini was inspired by the living area as he combines the highest Italian design standards with German craftsmanship. His creation is a sofa for both the office and the home – se:living. Comfortably upholstered, se:living conveys creativity and lightness in lounge and meeting zones, at hubs and in collaboration areas. Whether individually, in a corner or as an island configuration, with a storage element, add-on or side tables – the sofa offers a wide range of possibilities.

se:living – the comfy sofa for cosy offices


Hybrid at home or in the office The new swivel chair se:flair combines comfort with function, bridging the gap between a classic office chair and a cosy shell chair. Thanks to its numerous adjustment options, it can be used in a variety of ways. The design is homely, soft and comfortable.

sedus se:flair in modernen Farben
The new Sedus se:flair for cosy offices


Sustainable use of materials – The new se:lounge light shell chair gives the office more of a living room feel. With its homely look, two practical seat heights and a PET felt shell, the armchair is perfect for feel-good areas. It creates a pleasant atmosphere from the very first moment and invites you to linger.

Sedus se:lounge light in grau
The new se:lounge light shell chair


It can therefore be stated that the contemporary design of offices should place a clear focus on flexibility, individual needs and an inviting atmosphere in order to meet the changing demands from employees. Current trends are not only affecting the use of office space, but are also generating far-reaching changes in urban neighbourhoods. As part of “Work and the City – The Temptation Office”, Sedus has introduced innovative office furnishing solutions that meet these requirements and position the office as an attractive option in the urban working world.

The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS No. 18 is available as a preview at the following link and can also be subscribed to online: INSIGHTS

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