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Working without limits: The new Sedus LOOKBOOK

The Sedus LOOKBOOK shows how Europe’s creatives are shaping the urban working landscape in a personal and versatile way.

Klaus Haare Studio Köln mit Sedus se:lab Sofa

Everything is subject to change. Even the world of work. Whilst just a few years ago the office was still the most important workplace, today many people also work from home, in coworking spaces or on the move. In the new LOOKBOOK, Sedus takes a look behind the scenes: In ten exclusive interviews, Sedus provides personal insights into the workspaces, working styles, work facets and furnishing solutions of creative people within Europe.

Cover Sedus Lookbook

“In the new LOOKBOOK, we authentically show how the world of work is evolving,” says Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “We visited ten workplaces in Europe. These individually designed workspaces wonderfully reflect the new ‘work, life, style’, which Sedus also supports with its product solutions.”

Einblick in das Wohnzimmer von Igor in Berlin mit Pflanzen und  Sedus Mobile Power Supply

Working in a unique feel-good atmosphere

In big cities in particular, creative, culturally driven impulses are giving rise to new hybrid forms of work that could not be more different from a traditional office. LOOKBOOK explores these trends: In the sections “Facets of Work”, “Home Office Stories”, “Extraordinary Places to Work” and “New Era of Seating”, Sedus illustrates that workplaces are as diverse as the professions and the people who work in them. The interviews conducted explain how the world of work is constantly evolving and the boundaries between private and professional life are being redefined. But the interviews also reveal one thing: the feel-good factor has become indispensable in today’s workplace.

You can find the complete first issue of LOOKBOOK here.

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