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Floating Spaces – On board Hamburg’s unique coworking space

The concept of living on water is centuries old. In international metropolises such as Amsterdam, London or Seattle, entire residential districts have been floating on the water for years. While floating houses are already an integral part of the cityscape in many places, the office boat “LORE” in Hamburg is a real one-off. We spoke to owner Martin Müller-Wolff about this very special office experience.

LORE Coworking Space Hamburg
Thanks to the large front window, the work areas are bright and flooded with light

A gentle swell, magnificent views and top furnishings: that is how many people imagine your workplace. What made you decide to run a floating coworking space?

To be honest, it was less of a plan and more of a coincidence. We ourselves live on a floating house in Barmbek Süd directly opposite an architect couple who designed, built and also maintain the LORE. Their plans changed, they sold up and we continued their office partnership without them.

Feel free to give us a glimpse behind the scenes: Which professional groups particularly like to use the LORE? Is there a trend emerging?

Surprisingly, alternative forms of work like coworking are not at all oriented towards certain professional groups. We have real estate agents, architects, yacht designers, software developers, engineers, communication designers and a crane rental company. However, it is primarily creative professions that come to us and then, at best, develop synergies among themselves.

Coworking LORE Hamburg von innen
In a harmonious atmosphere inspiration can be found. People in especially creative professions work here.

Hand on heart: What was particularly important to you in the furnishing/design and what role does sustainability play in this?

Sustainability is enormously important to us and we also want to set an example for our tenants. For example, we operate the office boat in a CO2-neutral manner, e. g. heat and hot water are generated with a heat pump, where the electricity needs are covered with green electricity and, in the future, with photovoltaics. In addition, there is structural heat protection such as exterior blinds and triple glazing, so that the energy balance is extremely positive. In terms of furnishings, we practice sustainability by using high-quality, timeless and multifunctional furniture that will serve us for a long time.

se:lab auf Hausboot Lore in Hamburg
Sit back and enjoy the view: se:lab sofa singles on the terrace invite you to take a cosy break.

If you had to name three attributes, what do the tenants particularly appreciate about LORE?

Close to nature: First and foremost, they love the unobstructed view from every desk over the sparkling water, which is reflected in waves on the ceiling and helps them to come up with new ideas. Plus there is a direct connection to nature with water birds swimming by or the occasional rain drop pattering on the skylights.

Familiar: With only 14 workstations, which are exclusively rented out on a permanent basis and not as “flex desks”, we are a relatively small coworking space. Even when someone new comes on board, we make sure that the atmosphere with everyone involved can develop from friendly to almost familial. This has worked very well so far and is very much appreciated by the tenants.

Beautiful: Our tenants also like the fact that the interior design is relatively straightforward, but also tasteful and comfortable.

Sedus Stuhl auf LORE in Hamburg
Fresh air inspires the spirit, they say. From the terrace and with the four-legged se:mood chairs, a magnificent view over the water opens up.

And a final question: With a view, in a quiet room or in the hustle and bustle of hip cafés – how do you prefer to work yourself?

Personally, I need all of the above on a recurring basis: a place to rest and concentrate, but also inspiration from others, depending on what kind of work I am doing at the moment. LORE is spatially very versatile: one room with three double tables, one room with two tables for four, but also two soundproof rooms for meetings, phone calls, concentrated work without distractions or even for a power nap.

Text: Johanna Soika & Bernadette Trepte | Photo Sebastian Gundlach & Müller-Wolff/ Winkler GbR

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